The Automotive Industry is highly dependent on specific metal works, products and services.


The Aerospace Industry is using a large variety of specific metal works, from spare parts to components.


Specially machined metal parts are in high demand for the Electronics and EMS Industries.


The Medical Industry demands high quality services in order to sustain vital care services to patients.


Metal Works

LTHD Corporation offers full metal sheet services, from design to laser cutting, covering bending and welding works. The products are manufactured according to customer specifications using industry specific materials and high accuracy equipment for cutting, drilling, bending & welding as well as surface finishing.


CAD/CAM Design

LTHD offers a wide range of digital CAD/CAM solutions to help you boost your productivity and profitability. From part concept and design to prototyping and from small series production (SOP) to full production, our team covers every request by using the most appropriate approach, encompassing from CAD design to 3D.


Service Quality

Being solution-oriented and benefiting from a highly qualified team, we offer a wide variety of metal services and solutions. Our team of more than 100 highly skilled employees is able to offer all customers the best solution for complex applications, correlate by a complete process support.




Solution Provider

CAD/CAM Design

Our team can provide a complete and extensive CAD/CAM solution, tailored to your requirements. We can design your parts with amazing yield, process them for cutting, punching, bending as well as generate simulations and costs estimates.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting process is highly accurate and yields excellent cut quality on stainless steel and aluminum plate. It has a very small kerf width and a small heat affect zone, which makes possible cutting very intricate shapes and small holes.

Router Cutting

CNC router cutting delivers a high quality cut finish, precise dimensional tolerances or very fine engraving. Routers produce clean edge finishes that have not been thermally altered and can easily be welded without extensive manual rework.

Metal Bending

CNC bending is an economical method of producing 3D parts from metal sheets. The metal sheet is pressed between a punch and die to bend it to the desired angle or shape. Workpieces are processed in batches with high product consistency.

Metal Welding

Each metal and metal alloy responds differently to heat and can only be manipulated in specific ways. By combining multiple processes, we offer an extensive range of welding services while ensuring the efficiency and uniformity of the product.

Surface Finishing

LTHD provides precise and quality metal finishing services such as: polishing, grinding, brushing. For manufacturing flat parts with low tolerance and roughness, we combine different finishing equipment to achieve the expected high standards.


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Our headquarters, main production and logistics centre are located in Timisoara, Ardealului Street Nr. 70, Romania. You can reach us by using the following coordinates.

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